Learning Support

Rockfields is committed to ensuring all learners whatever their learning needs, are supported in their journey to achieve their potential. Our belief is that every child is unique and requires the personalised attention to grow, become successful and independent individuals.

Through our bespoke methodologies we aim to gain a clear understanding of learners needs and create personalized programs for them to overcome their difficulties, achieve confidence in their learning and acquire the necessary skills that will be important later in their lives.

Rockfields offers the following learning support programmes:


Remote support program accomplished through our digital platforms. Here teachers can teach the learners remotely and send additional resources whenever and wherever the learner may be.


In-school support programmes where teachers will have extra sessions with the learners to help them address their difficulties.


Talent support program to assist extremely gifted learners grow and develop their skill to newer heights.


In-class support through co-taught classes where supporting teachers work with a group of learners experiencing difficulties in their specialized subjects. This is usually more prevalent in kindergarten and candidate classes to prepare them for examinations.