Digital Education

We believe technology to be a key pillar in our education delivery. With technology becoming so instrumental in our day to day lives, the importance of giving our children the opportunity to develop strong digital skills cannot be overstated.

Furthermore, more recently technology has taken a step forward in classrooms all over the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this unprecedented time, we took the time to develop and hone our digital offering and skills of our staff.


Taking the lessons from the pandemic, we have now incorporated digital learning on a full-time basis where learners access, receive and create content in a variety of formats. Using our digital platforms’ learners can do assessments, creative work, and assignments, as well as interact with their teachers wherever.

We also encourage learners to journal on their experiences using one of our platforms. This facilitates the creation of a good habit that also assists teachers in building their relationship with the students and understand what they may be going through in their journey.

We have also begun the integration of digital devices in our classrooms which will allow teachers to deliver content more creatively and use a broad selection of e-resources to teach more effectively. Through the digital devices and our platforms, we provide a holistic digital experience for the learners.