About Us

Our Story

Established in 1997, Rockfields is a co-educational institution offering the CBC curriculum and 8-4-4 system of education. Started with only 2 pupils during the first week, Rockfields School is now a glowing and growing reality. The school had its first candidate class in 2005 with only 28 candidates who performed remarkably well and set the pace for the school’s remarkable track record of performance in national examinations. The school has since grown in leaps and bounds to its current size that offers classes from reception to class 8.



The school’s objective is to develop children holistically through creative learning experiences in a caring and safe environment. We believe this development is achieved through strong relationships in our community all the way from the teachers to our support staff. The academic heart of Rockfields is enhanced and lightened by the warm relationships between the staff and the students, the sheer joy they have in learning, and the encouragement everyone is given to dig deeper; to explore ideas, to challenge preconceptions and to develop their own ideas. Our staff use these relationships to instill our core values in our students who may then enter the world positive about engaging with others, independent in thought and believing that they have as much to learn as they have to give.

Our Happy Clients!

“My wife and I are delighted we chose Rockfields for our little one – there’s really no better place. We love the huge range of activities and creative teaching, and our boy has discovered so many new things.”-

Current parent of a Grade three student.

“The staff are friendly and always encourage us to explore our curiosities.”

Current Grade 5 student
Mission Statement

Rockfields Schools exist to inculcate transformative belief systems and nurture an all-round character in terms of social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual well-being through experiential learning.

Our Core Values

Honesty | Focus | Responsibility | Resilience | Commitment